Are you a transfer student or upperclassman? Success Coaches are still available!

Every freshman is assigned a Success Coach, but you can still request and register for coaching throughout your time at Rutgers-Camden. You are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your courses and post-graduation plans. If you would like to meet with a success coach please email:

Contact Us

If you are unsure who your Success Coach is contact the Student Success Coach Office at 856-225-2183 or email You can also log into Raptor Connect to identify your “success team.”

What is Success Coaching

Success coaching is an impactful relationship that is developed to help students become more accomplished. In a collaborative effort, students define realistic goals, and their success coaches assist in creating action plans that allow students to build upon their skills and feel empowered to make important decisions. Coaches ensure that students are well-connected to resources so that they are continuously making strides toward meeting their objectives and will monitor and assess students’ progress to identify successes or help to overcome any setbacks.

Success Coach FAQ