The Center of Learning and Student Success (CLASS) offers a wide range of academic support including Peer Tutoring, Writing Support, Supplemental Instruction, and Student-Led Study Groups.  These services are provided to students free of charge.

Tutors gathered in the CLASS office, maybe 15-20 students, smiling, wearing name badges.

Writing Support

CLASS offers 1:1 appointments with a Writing Tutor to discuss written assignments and a drop-off service for longer pieces of student writing.  After uploading your document, your work will be assigned to a Writing Tutor.  Your tutor will read your uploaded document, keeping in mind any special areas of concern you have indicated, and will respond as a reader. This feedback will be emailed to you.  If you choose, you may schedule an appointment with your tutor, to discuss your feedback after your tutor has returned it to you.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring elevates learning beyond a transactional exchange of knowledge and into an engaging, dynamic, and meaningful experience.

Our Peer Tutors are undergraduate students who have excelled in the courses they tutor. They have been trained to facilitate discussions on course content and to guide students to improve their academic habits.