A group study session with one Peer Instructor and several students engaged in study together.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a free, peer-facilitated academic assistance program designed to help students succeed in traditionally difficult courses. SI sessions are regularly scheduled, informal group study time.

Students join in collaborative learning activities to clarify course concepts and practice strategies that help them master new information and skills required by courses. The sessions are facilitated by SI leaders—students who have taken the course and done well—and now work with faculty to support their peers to do the same. 

Supplemental Instruction (SI) FAQ

Why sign up for SI?

It’s a chance to get together with people in your class to compare notes, to discuss important concepts, to develop strategies for studying the subject, and to test yourselves before your professor does. At each session you will be guided by your SI leader, a skilled student who has previously taken the course.  

How is SI different from Success Coaches?

SI and Success Coaches are both peer-led by advanced students to provide academic assistance, but in different ways:  

  • Success Coaches offer one-on-one support in a wide range of undergraduate courses, and focuses on areas in which students most often experience difficulty. You can make an appointment when you wish, remotely or in person.  
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) groups are designed to help students succeed in particular, traditionally difficult courses. They follow a schedule. 

What’s a SI leader? 

SI leaders are current students who are prepared to share with you what they have learned over the years about how to study. They know the course content and are excited to help guide you through it. They’ll be in class with you every day, hearing what you hear and reading what you read. What they won’t do is lecture; their job is to help you think about the lectures you hear and the books you read, and then put it all together during the SI review sessions. SI can help you learn course material more efficiently. 

When do SI review sessions start? 

The first week of classes each semester! Each SI leader will set up two review sessions each week at times that are best for the majority of students taking the class. You can attend one or all sessions (the choice is yours), and each one will be different because you’ll have new material to discuss. SI review sessions are informal. Bring your notes; bring your textbook; bring your questions.  

What are the benefits?

If you attend SI sessions regularly, chances are you’ll earn a better grade. You’ll have developed a better understanding of course content as well as more effective ways of studying. This will also help you in other classes. 

This sounds great! How do I make an appointment?

All SI Sessions are on a voluntary basis. No appointments are needed! Please look at the SI Course Schedule and come to any session that fits your schedule.